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(Cofounder) Dating

On January 1, 2011, I had just left a Company I co-founded, VirtuOz, and went on a quest to find a co-founder to start another Company. Boy was I not expecting the ride it has been…I think I could write a book about it.

The dating sites and dating events, the dates themselves where everybody is bragging but keeping their game close to their chest. The one night stands (a.k.a startup weekend or hackathons), the short term stints (a.k.a “side project”), and then, big leap of faith, you find somebody and you settle – you are not dating anymore, you have a boyfriend/girlfriend (a.k.a “partner”). You move together (in a coworking space of course). You brainstorm. You build a few things that can be ambitious or not, you can put yourself through challenges (a.k.a incumbator application)… and then something comes out: a baby (a.k.a “a product or Company” depending on how traditional you are).

In my case, I did all that and much more, “dated” several potential partners at the same time, did multiple side projects, and … big hope…found my partner. We applied to an incumbator, build a few things that sounded interesting but never got there… and then, bad communication, different life goals, and our path diverged.

We split before celebrating our 6 months together.

That’s where you  understand why Founder dating…is really like dating, after all.

(And I am lucky enough to have forgotten what it was like!)


I’ve wanted to blog for 8 years but never did.

Sure, I blogged for two start-ups 5 years ago… but never in my name. Now, after cleaning up the 7 different blog names in my WordPress account, this is the birth of this blog, and hopefully of a long lasting story.

Why now? Well… my favorite excuse not to blog was that I was too busy growing the different Companies I had founded. But now that I am not (yet) growing a new Company, it’s time to act with words, also.

The day when a baby is born is not the most glamorous for her: she has blood all over, she cries, she doesn’t really know what is going on, even though she has prepared for it for a while, and yet, she need to go through it so that the rest can happen.

So may birth be!

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