When I was in college, I remember reading an article where Bill Gates was talking about the time that would come where software developers could use other programs developed by complete strangers so that something that would have taken them forever to build would be built like a Lego with bricks created by others. That idea fascinated me – the non CS guy who loved the Internet and its power.

Today, as Erik and I were testing out  our new start up idea, we were able to put together a product that is quasi similar (at least in terms of main features) to what we envision the minimum viable product would be, yet without writing one line of code ourselves. We just used existing web services, javascripts of widgets, etc…. and without paying (thank you freemium model!).

So Bill Gates was right.

But he was not ambitious enough (for once). Now, Lego bricks are not only for developers. Non programmers (like me), can now put together a professional looking web application without writing a single line of code,  just using drag and drop tools,  embeddable widgets….and even advertise it to thousands of targeted people, start building a CRM database, etc…

The web is a Lego after all.

I just cannot wait to see what my daughter will be able to build, 20 years from now, with the Lego bricks of her time.

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